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Tidbit Trends for the Year 2020 written by Karen David copyright 2020; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
General Tidbit Trends for the year 2020 The calendar year adds up and reduces to a number 4 (2+0+2+0 = 4). However, there is also an undertone, if you will, of the number 40 (20+20= 40). In Scripture for example, the number forty appears several times. A few examples are: Forty days and nights of rain during the flood Moses lived forty years in Egypt Moses spent forty days on Mount Sinai The Jews journeyed through the desert for forty years to the Promised Land Jesus fasted in the desert forty days The number 40 represents, in part, a complete period of time that can represent testing and/or atonement in some way. It also represents a preparation for a type of transition or a really significant event. The number 40 used to denote time in the Bible, signals that something extraordinary and definitive is happening. So, in part, 2020 has that undertone "layer", if you will, of the meaning of the number 40. For more than some on a personal level, it can be a tough time at the beginning phases of 2020 regarding difficulty getting along others or with you, or with "authority" for example, which could cause upsets and clashes. However, remember, though, wounds can heal, some of which could be experienced off and on later through the year. The single digit number 4, in part, represents our foundations, whether they be psychological, physical, political, or spiritual/religious. It also represents that which is loyal, meaningfully solid and secure. In part, it represents the attributes and things one considers stable or wants to accomplish--step-by-step- in order to become more stable and secure. Don't be surprised to notice in others or experience it yourself, a more of "digging in  heels", as they say, on some of these things just mentioned. In general, during the year, 2020, trends could also show sudden shifts and changes with groups, friendships and our hopes dreams and wishes. There can be light bulbs of clarity that go on in these areas and the ideas--through preparation- -take shape and the reality happens. A dream or wish could come true. In 2020 there can also be a focus on women in some way, as well as the feminine principle in both the male and female-- balance between the masculine and feminine in all of us. This includes the act of receiving and nurturing--ourselves and others. Also questions and challenges can still occur in relation to a true understanding of leadership as well as knowing the true understanding of being in a solid, supportive and assisting role. Both are important in themselves and to each other if truly understood. On the positive, from a spiritual/religious viewpoint, there could, for example, be more awareness and understanding regarding the Blessed Virgin Mother herself. In addition, being inspired by truly spiritual/religious women and/or women who are in other areas of life doing their part to serve in a balanced, supportive, solid and inspirational way could very well come up more in 2020. There can also be more involvement in some way regarding mothers, aunts, grandmothers, even longer past ancestry along the matriarchal side of the family. Why? Among other things, it could occur so a better and more realistic, solid understanding in some way could happen that may really be needed. In general, there can still be areas of confusion as to how to bring stability into our own lives in general and in relation to community, country and the world at large. That which is hidden--secret-- can still be exposed to the light of truth which is still ongoing along with a dissolving of boundaries which continues to bring confusion. There is a saying that sometimes one may need to become nothing in order to become something or become something again. For example, sand on a beach washes away little by little because of the  rushing waters onto the shore. Yet underneath, something better, more beautiful and solid emerges.  Look, you just found a beautiful conch shell or a sand dollar or something valuable that you didn't know was there. Had that top layer of sand not washed away, you may have never found what you were really looking for in the first place. So, there are times when whatever dissolves can reveal something even better if given the time and patience. Some could still be looking through rose-colored glasses which could hide the truth--the reality. Don't be surprised then, when reality hits and the glasses are off, you, yourself may be saying, or you may hear more than few others say something like "didn't see that one coming", or "Gee, I sure know now I wasn't clear on that one", or "I thought I was realistic enough at the time, but wow, found out I sure wasn't". Statements and/or experiences such as these may not be uncommon on and off during the year.  In 2020, there are still "emotional" extremes out there--like a seesaw of highs and lows regarding various beliefs--political or otherwise. Imbalances of highs and lows due to the seesaw between the light of awareness and the shadow of darkness and the confusion as to what is true, solid, and secure. There is only one constant--and that is our Beloved Creator Who is our security and stability through it all. It's a time that also represents patience and turning points due to sudden events that require decisions, Seeing the pros and cons is good to do. For more than some, the need to act decisively in order to put ideas and realistic hopes and dreams into practical use is important. Otherwise, one could feel uneasy and restless. It's a year of being able to weigh and measure properly any given situation.  Be aware of emotional extremes. Those can cloud reason.Express your faith in the Lord, Our Creator.  Happy New Year! The above "tidbit trends" are general. For more specifics as it may relate to you, please book an individualized, personal session. Contact at 440-439-9599 and leave a message with your name and phone number(s), or email with subject line saying "session". Calling and leaving a phone (voicemail) message will give a faster response.
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