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 Tidbit General Trends
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Tidbit Trends for May 2017: Asserting one's self, one's will, overcoming doubt, standing alone in strength at times, principles to live by and dedicate one's life to are on one end of the seesaw. On the other end of that seesaw is impersonal dedication to others. This includes letting go of  too much pride and prestige and personal self and reach for service to mankind, being part of a larger cosmic wheel. In a way it is like trying to balance a seesaw  of opposites.   Look what happens when you watch two people for example, sitting on a seesaw and going up and down. Each person controls the motion on his/her end with their feet--pushing off from the ground to ride a bit higher into the air and off the ground.    The action of one person affects the ride of the other. Now, this action needs to be balanced by each person in such a way as to not let one or the other come crashing down to hit the hard ground--seat first! Ouch!    Riding seesaws can be an adventure of highs, lows, and hard thumps to the ground if there is no control or balance between each other.   Enjoying the motion of rising up and down, while keeping balance between both sides so as not to hard hit the ground is the key. Both people riding need to be aware of each other and what each is doing in order to experience a pleasant ride on a seesaw.   Simply put, these lessons, challenges and opportunities of balance in relation to the qualities/issues   mentioned above include at least part of the shift we can be feeling, hearing, and seeing in this world.   So, in general for May, 2017  and possibly for several months to come,  in one way or another, the struggle between the two  opposite  ways mentioned above can certainly be recognized and seen on the world stage and in our own personal lives. Those things mentioned above can be shown in large and dramatic ways at times. At other times, not so much.    How does one assert "will" and the sense of being an individual, standing alone at times and yet do so in such a way one can still be part of a group, for example,  whether they be family, friends, associates or organizations and serve the greater good?  How is this to be balanced?     How do we do similar on the world stage as a country, for example, by being oneself as a country yet remain connected with or at least in part associating with other countries in order to serve mankind better yet without losing identity or dedicated principles by which to live as a country.   Does it seem to you as if something is or has been shifting within your own life--you can feel it, but not put your finger on it, yet, so to speak? Or, you know you want to change/leave/break away in some away from what isn't working, but you feel you just can quite do that just yet?   Things are changing, and are you sensing and or experiencing some feelings of instability, as you wonder where it may lead? Even, if you've been through feelings or changes like this before, this time, does it feel "different"in some way, not like before?  If you're saying yes to one or all of the above questions, then realize you are not alone.   Many are going through these important processes.  It can be affecting all of us in one way or another. May, 2017 is one of the "make you more aware of this" type of months.   For now, however, and simply put, the suggestion is to be aware of what really is not working for you. It is there that a release in some way could occur. Be aware of what brings a bit of sunshine and/or good, positive opportunity, talents, and ways of being and strengthen those. --written by Karen David, DD., copyright, 2017 Above was some tidbit general information on trends. For something more specific and individualized, just get in touch for a personal session. A good portion of Karen's service to others is done through individual sessions. If emailing, put on the subject line “request session."
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