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Prayer Healing and Message Service for Your Living and Deceased Domestic Pets Date: Thursday, June 27   Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 pm (approx); Place: Mystic Farms (if needed, directions given at time of reserving) Minimum Donation: $15.00 (children under 12, no donation required) Facilitator: Karen David, DD and other guest workers for Spirit. Contact to attend: Seating is limited and a commitment is needed to attend. Please contact ahead to reserve. Domestic pets are considered meaningful companions and "family" members by many people. They bring so much joy and love to the table of life's experiences. However, when a domestic pet dies, it can feel very sad, even emotionally heartbreaking for many pet owners who really like pets. For more than some, there can even be the thought that one will not ever see that pet again. This is a different and special service which will be devoted to your domestic pets, either living or deceased. Prayers, healing,  and messages of information from Spirit regarding your living and/or deceased pet(s) will all be a part of this gathering. Also, there will be a special sharing you will do with one another which will be explained at the service itself. Bring photos of your pets. Also each attendee will receive a special gift, and after, there will be food and refreshment.