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 - Cancelled - Aura Assessment--A Beginning Journey Toward Healing  Date/Time: 4-week class begins on Saturday March, 21st - April 18, 2020 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (break w/ food) (no class on April 11) Place: Mystic Farms (directions given if needed at time of reserving); Financial donation for the entire 4 week class which includes all food and all materials. Give what you sincerely feel you can. A non-refundable deposit of your choosing, or full financial donation, is required ahead of time to reserve your place. Visa/Master card accepted. Any questions, please contact Karen. Reservations required. Contact to attend:  Email: or Phone: 440-439-9599 Seating is limited and a commitment is needed to attend unless it is severe weather or a last minute real-time emergency. Facilitator: Karen David, DD, whose Native American natural name given to her is Rainbow Crow Woman. She's an author, Sensitive and more, with several years experience and is an instrument in service for the Creator. Karen, like many others, recognizes that science and religious/spiritual matters have no separation. In essence though, Karen says: "The Lord is the One who heals, but humans can be used as instruments the Lord works through for such, as healing." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thoughts and feelings can pull molecular material from the ether together. The more power-filled thoughts or feelings are the more intense and bigger the thought form, which then can "cling" to one or more of your fields. This can happen unless you release the emotion, for example, or change the attitude. If nothing is done, then the thought form could still "cling" to your energetic field (some may call it aura, the bio electrical field, etc.,). Aura Assessment can locate such a thought form(s) in the aura. You will be working with one another in this 4-week class which goes into detail concerning all of the above and includes learning how to "charge" your hands, how to assess the energy filed surrounding an individual by discovering where are "hot" spots,"cold" spots and blocks in the field. It will cover what these hot and cold spots could mean and what to do about them. You will also learn more about and sense/feel with your own hands what does it mean when energy is "drawn in" and "pushed out". Experience also how to smooth out the aura and how to protect it and much more. In addition, and throughout the 4-weeks, you will also experience being an instrument for the Creator in the power of Prayer. In general, you will receive much in this beginning, 4-week class on Aura Assessment which can be done for people as well as our animal relations. Dress comfortably and when you reserve for the class, more details on what to bring, etc., will be given. It is important to be able to commit to each class, unless, of course, of a real-time emergency.