WHAT IS A MEDIUM? As a radio is the medium for sound wave communication, a person applying mediumship is one who is able to recognize and be sensitive to vibrations from the spirit world (demonstrating survival is included) and is an instrument of conveying messages. Mediumship is a process by which a person (the medium) becomes an instrument or acts as a channel for spirit influences. There is no barrier between the material world and spiritual world because there is no barrier between material and spiritual phases of growth, life, and evolution. So, communication is not only possible but natural; many times desirable for growth. Therefore, it becomes more significant for both spirit influences and those of us on Earth to work together to produce meaningful, purposeful, and supportive contact between these two spheres of life. Mediumship is not just for the curious or strictly for the curiosity seeker, but it is to confirm and emphasize that we are all living one continuous life. Although the material and spiritual are in different spheres, nonetheless, we are all living one continuous life. The true purpose of mediumship when applied appropriately and with wisdom, integrity and respect, can give great comfort. It can bring encouragement, and enlightenment to those who are seeking it. Mediumship can truly demonstrate the fact that life goes on. Life is everlasting and the process of mediumship can also demonstrate that the conscious personality continues on as well.
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