Client Validations    Here is some of what has been said about Karen's work, including her Spirit Message and Healing Services. The following are written validations conveyed to Karen from clients and excited readers of her books. Permission was granted by the authors to use these validations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I want to thank you for your guidance and support...for helping me to follow my dreams. I think it's wonderful that you share your gifts with so many..." -Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President, Founding Artistic Director, The Dancing Wheels Company & School, Cleveland, Ohio "Karen has a way of giving you direct, clear guidance, sprinkled with her ever present humor and unique way of describing things so you understand and ‘get it’. With her evidential readings, you remember people, places and situations in your life. Her messages have helped me to know myself better and hopefully to become a better person. I know in my heart that Karen's love for people, for God, and her sincere desire to help us heal and grow is what she's all about." --Lori Kalina, North Ridgeville, Ohio "Karen David is a genuine, loving, big-hearted, kind, and humorous soul. Her spiritual gifts as well as knowledge of numerology re-awakened things for me I had long forgotten. Karen delivers Spirit’s messages with love, grace, humility, and respect.   I am forever grateful to have connected with loved ones that have crossed over via Karen (on numerous occasions with mind blowing accuracy).  She touches people’s lives and hearts while reminding us in profound ways that God’s love and light is always there, always available, and can shine through us back to the world..."  ~Rebecca Kohler Nuske, Bedford, Ohio "I have known Karen David for some time now and consider her to be a very gifted and talented person and a valuable resource." - (the late) Dr. David Santoro, Professor Emeritus, Cleveland State University, Psychologist, Ph.D, Cleveland, Ohio "Karen has truly been a huge help... Just when I need to put life into perspective she swoops in with her blessings and gives a sense of calm that everything will be ok... Karen has been right about everything her and I have ever talked about. I will forever be grateful to her!" -Adriana Kobus, Auburn Township, Ohio "Hi Karen, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the sessions you have done for me... You have given me so much good information and many heartfelt messages have come through from the other side, with one in particular I’d like to share. In this particular session you had asked me if I had blood work done which I responded “no”. I don't have a Dr. so there was no need to have a physical or have blood work tested. The message to have a “maintenance or check up” done came up a few times during the session, but I didn’t give it a thought until an event took place about ten days later. I had severe chest pains in the middle of the night which eventually subsided. The next morning I went to the hospital just for peace of mind. The Dr performed many tests and all were negative. I mentioned I was very embarrassed to have wasted his time and I was leaving the hospital since the pain was probably indigestion. He said I could leave, but only if I agreed to have one more test....a “blood” test. I immediately thought of the reading you gave me and I agreed. The blood test showed I had a number of clots in my left lung which had caused the pain. If you hadn't mentioned blood work in the session, I would have never stayed at the hospital and only God knows whether I’d still be alive today. With much love..." -Rose Borsuk, Stow, Ohio "Karen, I want to express my gratefulness to you.  It’s been a while that we spoke and really I was baffled at how some of the things you had said could ever occur. I am here now to say…everything did come to pass!... Your relationship with spirit is truly a blessing that you have been given... Thank you again for sharing your gift of spirit with me, and God Bless You." -Karen C.,  Brecksville, Ohio "Karen...I also feel you told me things I really needed to hear! You truly have a gift! Thank you!" -Michelle B., Independence, Ohio "I wanted to let you know what a great workshop the Your Mission workskhop was. I would have stayed and discussed this topic for hours. I learned a lot, but there is always so much more to learn..." - Kathy Garber, Hudson, Ohio
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