Client Validations    Here is some of what has been said about Karen's work, including her Spirit Message and Healing Services. The following are written validations conveyed to Karen from clients and excited readers of her books.  Permission was granted by the authors to use these validations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Karen David is a genuine, loving, big-hearted, kind, and humorous soul.   Her spiritual gifts as well as knowledge of numerology re-awakened things for me I had long forgotten. Karen delivers Spirit’s messages with love, grace, humility, and respect.   I am forever grateful to have connected with loved ones that have crossed over via Karen (on numerous occasions with mind blowing accuracy).  She touches people’s lives and hearts while reminding us in profound ways that God’s love and light is always there, always available, and can shine through us back to the world..."  ~Rebecca Kohler Nuske, Bedford, Ohio "I want to thank you for your guidance and support...for helping me to follow my dreams. I think it's wonderful that you share your gifts with so many..." -Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President, Founding Artistic Director, The Dancing Wheels Company & School, Cleveland, Ohio "I have known Karen David for some time now and consider her to be a very gifted and talented person and a valuable resource." - (the late) Dr. David Santoro, Professor Emeritus, Cleveland State University, Psychologist, Ph.D, Cleveland, Ohio "Karen has truly been a huge help... Just when I need to put life into perspective she swoops in with her blessings and gives a sense of calm that everything will be ok... Karen has been right about everything her and I have ever talked about. I will forever be grateful to her!" -Adriana Kobus, Auburn Township, Ohio "Hi Karen, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the sessions you have done for me... You have given me so much good information and many heartfelt messages have come through from the other side, with one in particular I’d like to share. In this particular session you had asked me if I had blood work done which I responded “no”. I don't have a Dr. so there was no need to have a physical or have blood work tested. The message to have a “maintenance or check up” done came up a few times during the session, but I didn’t give it a thought until an event took place about ten days later. I had severe chest pains in the middle of the night which eventually subsided. The next morning I went to the hospital just for peace of mind. The Dr performed many tests and all were negative. I mentioned I was very embarrassed to have wasted his time and I was leaving the hospital since the pain was probably indigestion. He said I could leave, but only if I agreed to have one more test....a “blood” test. I immediately thought of the reading you gave me and I agreed. The blood test showed I had a number of clots in my left lung which had caused the pain. If you hadn't mentioned blood work in the session, I would have never stayed at the hospital and only God knows whether I’d still be alive today. With much love..." -Rose Borsuk, Stow, Ohio "Karen, I want to express my gratefulness to you.  It’s been a while that we spoke and really I was baffled at how some of the things you had said could ever occur. I am here now to say…everything did come to pass!... Your relationship with spirit is truly a blessing that you have been given... Thank you again for sharing your gift of spirit with me, and God Bless You." -Karen C.,  Brecksville, Ohio "Karen...I also feel you told me things I really needed to hear! You truly have a gift! Thank you!" -Michelle B., Independence, Ohio "Karen has prepared me for the challenges and changes that have occurred in my life... Karen has been like a beacon of light showing me the possibilities that would emerge. While many times I had my doubts and remained skeptical, her wisdom and vision helped me to seize opportunities I would have otherwise missed if I hadn’t been prepared.  Karen not only sees my weaknesses and shows me how to improve my ways, but also sees my strengths and encourages me to take full advantage of them.  She does all this and more with honesty, integrity and most of all humor.  After having a session with Karen, I always feel better not only about myself, but also about those people in my life that I care about." —Gloria Zabala, Nutritional Coach, A to Z Healthy Living, LLC., Broadview Heights, Ohio "You don’t have to be a believer to believe. You merely have to know how to listen. The person I’m about to cknowledge, I have never met. I have never seen. I have never touched, but she touched me – with her voice. For centuries, there have been individuals who have walked this earth with an untapped intention and purpose to elevate the heart of the human soul to a spirit greater than ourselves. I cannot explain this gift, but it is indeed a gift." -Sarah Lynch., Alpine, CA "I have personally consulted with Karen David... She is always helpful and caring. Her readings are deep and insightful and amazingly accurate. When life seems bleak she always offers a ray of hope and I find this a blessing during these turbulent times. Her deep spirituality and loving nature is very consoling. I can't recommend her highly enough." - Anne B., Belleville, Ontario Canada "My first experience at Mystic Farms is a day I’ll never forget. I went to Karen David’s, Spirit Message & Healing Service shortly after my father died. I wanted to check things out before getting a one on one session with her. (That’s the skeptic in me!) Shortly after I arrived she acknowledged that she knew I was there to 'check things out'. Once the  Spirit messages were being given, the energy in the room could be felt by everyone there. Validation after validation by every guest in the room during their messages brought me so much excitement I was practically sitting on the edge of my chair. During my message from Karen she told me something that happened while making closure with my father. Days before my father’s death (while he lay incoherent in hospice) I had time for closure with him. At one point I asked everyone to leave his hospice room so I could speak to him in private. Though he was unable to speak or respond, I just “knew” he could hear me. At one point my father moved his lips as though he was trying to smile. Karen said such with specific detail. She said, “Your father knows you saw that.” It brought overflowing tears to my eyes and several people who were at Spirit Message cried with me while I received my message. It was a very powerful experience. It reminded me that even though someone may be gone in the flesh, they remain lovingly with us in Spirit. ...I’ve had several one on one sessions as well. The reason I keep going back is because I’ve never felt so close to Spirit / God. I‘ve always been a very spiritual person but crossing paths with Karen David has accelerated my connection to God in so many ways. My gratitude for Karen is great....” - Jessica Klich, Lakewood, Ohio "I had a session with you... It was amazing - totally nothing like I"ve had in the past. You were (or Spirit through you) so in touch with my life and all areas of it and the changes/sailing toward a new way of life/a new way of looking at life..." -Karen M., Hudson, Ohio "Just wanted to say thank you...You don't know how much you have blessed my life. I feel like I can now move on. You have been so right on in every aspect of my life. Thanks again." -Virginia H., Seville, Ohio " I have been feeling much, much better this past week. Working on what you showed me and thankful for what was given me! It is life changing! Thank you!:" -Paula Knodel, Middleburg Hts., Ohio "My daughter Jamie, my friend, Denise, and I were at your Spirit Message and Healing Service. We weren’t sure what to expect as we had never gone to one before. Just wanted to let you know it was AWESOME! We had such a fantastic time and the deep spiritual feelings we experienced were amazing! It was much more than we expected. We felt so good after the service, we just couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home. The singing, praying, spirit messages, and healing prayers just lit up and lifted our souls!... After the service, just talking to everyone and enjoying some food and coffee was so warming!... I could go on and on but I just wanted to thank you..." - Sandy Keller, Wadsworth, Ohio "Karen, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend your workshop. I have never participated in anything like that before, and I enjoyed it more than I ever would have imagined! I would recommend your workshops for anyone that is open to learning more about spirituality from within one's own self. You made everyone so at ease and your personality is so non- intimidating. I am very appreciative of what I learned from the workshop about developing intuition:" -Sally M., Marietta, Georgia "At first I was a little skeptical and I didn’t know what to expect, but after only a few minutes I was comfortable, relaxed and learning a lot about myself. Overall it was very impressive and enjoyable, too! I would definitely participate in any of her workshops again. " - Laura H., Stone Mountain, Georgia "I really enjoyed Karen’s workshop on Intuition. I found Karen to be a very dynamic and informative speaker. The hands-on exercises were wonderful. It was amazing to see how everyone was able to make a connection with their intuition." - Spring M., Acworth, Georgia "Karen’s Intuition Workshop was extremely inspirational, helpful and enjoyable. It had a tremendous impact on me and it was equally impressive to see the positive impact the workshop had on other attendees. Karen’s workshop shows us and reminds us how truly powerful God’s work and grace are and part of our life every day! I felt uplifted and peaceful and the feeling lasted the weekend and longer. Thank You Spirit, Thank you Karen." - Debbi C., Kennesaw, Georgia (The following validation was concerning the Meditation and Message Practice Sitting Circle): "I wanted to thank you so much for last night! I feel so much lighter this morning, so much better. You are such a Blessing in so many lives, you have made a huge difference in mine." - Jennifer H., Hudson, Ohio "I wanted to let you know what a great workshop the Your Mission workskhop was. I would have stayed and discussed this topic for hours. I learned a lot, but there is always so much more to learn..." - Kathy Garber, Hudson, Ohio "The work that you have done with our entire family (animals and people) has been life changing for us all. Not long after completing our soul recovery process with you, our dog Sadie became sick with breast cancer. The work with her resulted in the remission of a very aggressive form of cancer and we were able to enjoy her company for another 5 years. Once again we called for your assistance as Sadie became ill and was nearing her time to leave us. Once again, we were blessed with your help for all of us making this life transition. Sadie was able to pass in peace and we were able to celebrate her life and not get lost in the grief. Most recently we called you regarding our newest family member, Holly the dog. Holly was a Humane Society foster dog. She had been living in the kennels at our Vet's office for the past two years. Making the transition to living in a house was an adjustment, not to mention the seven cats that came with it. Despite lots of love and reassurance, she was still "on guard" a lot of the time; physically stiff and tense, particularly with men; she played a little with me and was very tentative around Scott, and was having toileting issues in the house. Following the soul recovery, we noticed a number of changes. Holly became more relaxed physically. She also became much more playful -especially with Scott. This is significant, because as you identified in your journey with her, she was attached to a male figure whoused to play ball with her. This male figure sounded like he had some physical characteristics similar to Scott. A yellow ball seemed to have been her toy of choice. We bought a box of yellow tennis balls. She loves these and initiates play with Scott! She now cuddles with us and even rolls over on her back to have her belly scratched. Also, soon after her session with you, her toileting issues improved greatly and have nearly disappeared. She is much easier with the kitties. She is now easier with people in general; she is eating more readily and has stopped chewing her tail. Following this success, we called again for our cat Mica. Mica is an older cat. She has always been in good health. It became quite a concern when she developed a serious and recurring urinary tract infection that seemed resistant to medication. One vet even began to talk about the possibility of checking her for cancer. With your help, however, she has returned to her previous state of good health. She is now coming out of the bedroom more and is more tolerant of the other animals, including Holly, the dog. Thank you for sharing your many gifts with us. Much love - Scott and Jane Hager, Asheboro, N.C. "...I just wanted to say that I now know what you meant by saying that I can correct my Health. When I felt there was no hope (I was at my wits end) I saw a really good Doctor...I have found the hope and the correct doctor who has listened to me. I now no longer need to take Medicine for the pain. I now can see a future of peace and happiness within. With every reading you have done I have learned from and found peace. I thought I would share a little joy with you and say THANK YOU!" -Donna B., Eastlake, Ohio "Karen David is an extremely gifted Medium. She teaches her classes with humor and a great deal of wisdom. It is an honor to be a student in her class. Because of her, I have excelled at my own mediumship abilities. I have admired her for her honesty and compassion during my unfoldment. Numbers seem to speak to her, as she is also a very gifted Numerologist. She is in tune with nature and aspects of the Native American way as she was shown. You get a sense she is a very old soul." - Nancy R. Cale, Cleveland, OH. "Dear Karen... I so enjoyed the spirit message service. It was a wonderful time and the message was right on. It is interesting that you mentioned several things - such as my love for the color Brown (I have been actively seeking out Brown clothing all month for some reason) and also the fact that hawks are near me. I have been seeing a hawk in my neighborhood quite often lately. These are not huge things but they certainly make me feel seen and loved by spirit. You also mentioned that I am afraid of trees where once I loved them. It is quite true. Life has been so good lately and I am enjoying my contact with Mystic Farms. You are a gifted medium and a lovable person." - Erina Calder, Chagrin Falls, Ohio "Thank you for that wonderful, insightful reading on Venus in retrograde and the 4th Universal month. Many of the things you said were absolutely right on for me, and I want to resend my love and support to you and Mystic Farms - such a wonderful person for us to have in our midst." -Erina Calder, Chagrin Falls, Oh "[Karen] I can never tell you how "on" you were about everything on my session. You left me with a feeling of WOW and here it is a week later and I am still in WOW. You were able to give messages from people that it was impossible for anyone to know about. I can not believe the detail you were able to let me know..." -Jennifer P., Sagamore Hills, Ohio "Karen integrates several levels of talent as she blends logical analysis with impressive intuition..." - Judy Kuriansky, Ph.D., New York's leading talk show host and author. "...She did not know that I had someone close who had recently passed over but she immediately picked up on it. Karen shared details about our time together, things we had done, and things we had talked about that were special only to us. She knew without any prompting from me, how he had passed and was able to tell me it was without pain. Karen was able to tell me things about not only my relationship with this friend but [about] myself that no one living person knows. Karen is very encouraging, positive, and empathetic and is not only very accurate in her information but also very emotionally and spiritually healing." - Jeanne Wagoner, Hudson, Ohio (regarding the readings and messages that Karen, as a medium, verbalized to her)
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