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 About Karen Karen David, Author and Sensitive, known for her extraordinary intuition and authenticity, in addition to her expertise in Numerology (the study of numbers) has served others for several years. Karen counsels, teaches, has traveled and appeared in the media to serve. She is a dedicated worker. For example: Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President, Founding Artistic Director of the Dancing Wheels Company and School, Cleveland, Ohio said – “I want to thank you, Karen, for your guidance and support for helping me to follow my dreams. I think it’s wonderful that you share your gifts with so many.” Karen operates with integrity, from a strong and stable inner spiritual base. Karen’s continued desire to serve drew her further into a few other areas concerning healing as well. She is in awe of the Lord, our Creator’s Divine intervention and healing power. Along her path, others, such as medicine healers and teachers, also helped to provide important knowledge and experiences concerning Native American principles. One of her aims, for example, is to show that the intuition can be used in a practical, functional way in the natural world and in regard to the invisible world. She is an instrument for the Creator to help support growth and healing of one’s inner spirit, as well as one’s human potential. She founded Mystic Farms. While this is just a short introduction of Karen’s life work, there’s much more to her skill and gifts that one has to experience to believe. Feel free to contact Karen directly to schedule a session or attend one of her events.
 About Mystic Farms Mystic Farms is a non-denominational sanctuary of spiritual growth and holistic practices which has been in service by appointment/reservation only for several years. We have a wonderful "family" of clients and friends, who are like-minded others. There are also various animal relations that have, and do, come and go. All are fellow travelers on the path.
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