Client Validations    Here is some of what has been said about Karen's work, including her Spirit Message and Healing Services. The following are written validations conveyed to Karen from clients and excited readers of her books. Permission was granted by the authors to use these validations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I want to thank you for your guidance and support...for helping me to follow my dreams. I think it's wonderful that you share your gifts with so many..." -Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President, Founding Artistic Director, The Dancing Wheels Company & School, Cleveland, Ohio "Karen has prepared me for the challenges and changes that have occurred in my life... Karen has been like a beacon of light showing me the possibilities that would emerge. While many times I had my doubts and remained skeptical, her wisdom and vision helped me to seize opportunities I would have otherwise missed if I hadn’t been prepared.  Karen not only sees my weaknesses and shows me how to improve my ways, but also sees my strengths and encourages me to take full advantage of them.  She does all this and more with honesty, integrity and most of all humor.  After having a session with Karen, I always feel better not only about myself, but also about those people in my life that I care about." —Gloria Zabala, Nutritional Coach, A to Z Healthy Living, LLC., Broadview Heights, Ohio "You don’t have to be a believer to believe. You merely have to know how to listen. The person I’m about to cknowledge, I have never met. I have never seen. I have never touched, but she touched me – with her voice. For centuries, there have been individuals who have walked this earth with an untapped intention and purpose to elevate the heart of the human soul to a spirit greater than ourselves. I cannot explain this gift, but it is indeed a gift." -Sarah Lynch., Alpine, CA "I have personally consulted with Karen David... She is always helpful and caring. Her readings are deep and insightful and amazingly accurate. When life seems bleak she always offers a ray of hope and I find this a blessing during these turbulent times. Her deep spirituality and loving nature is very consoling. I can't recommend her highly enough." - Anne B., Belleville, Ontario Canada "Just wanted to say thank you...You don't know how much you have blessed my life. I feel like I can now move on. You have been so right on in every aspect of my life. Thanks again." -Virginia H., Seville, Ohio "My daughter Jamie, my friend, Denise, and I were at your Spirit Message and Healing Service. We weren’t sure what to expect as we had never gone to one before. Just wanted to let you know it was AWESOME! We had such a fantastic time and the deep spiritual feelings we experienced were amazing! It was much more than we expected. We felt so good after the service, we just couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home. The singing, praying, spirit messages, and healing prayers just lit up and lifted our souls!... After the service, just talking to everyone and enjoying some food and coffee was so warming!... I could go on and on but I just wanted to thank you..." - Sandy Keller, Wadsworth, Ohio "Karen, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend your workshop. I have never participated in anything like that before, and I enjoyed it more than I ever would have imagined! I would recommend your workshops for anyone that is open to learning more about spirituality from within one's own self. You made everyone so at ease and your personality is so non-intimidating. I am very appreciative of what I learned from the workshop about developing intuition:" -Sally M., Marietta, Georgia "At first I was a little skeptical and I didn’t know what to expect, but after only a few minutes I was comfortable, relaxed and learning a lot about myself. Overall it was very impressive and enjoyable, too! I would definitely participate in any of her workshops again. " - Laura H., Stone Mountain, Georgia "I really enjoyed Karen’s workshop on Intuition. I found Karen to be a very dynamic and informative speaker. The hands-on exercises were wonderful. It was amazing to see how everyone was able to make a connection with their intuition." - Spring M., Acworth, Georgia
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