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COVID-19 - A Catalyst written by Karen David copyright 2020; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.”-- (Richard Bach from his book, Illusions) So, where are gifts that stems from the problem of the COVID-19? Some of the gifts are the ability to actually now reflect, renew, and as they say, ‘get real” with our own various human relationships, with ourselves and with our spiritual relationship with God. What does that mean when someone says to you, “Hey, get real”? To me, when I hear those words or even say them, it means in part, to be honest, really honest about where I am currently in my life regarding my connection to the beloved Lord our Creator, to my human relationships and-- to myself and my own circumstances. I’m not sure if that is the same for you exactly, but it is that way for me. For so, so long now, it has been said, shown and written in so many various ways to renew, reflect, be kind and to love one another. Also expressed is to be courageous when appropriate and-- to be humble, too. It has been said not to let money become one’s idol or chase after money for money's sake. Over time, how often have we also heard that the Lord will take care of our needs if we choose to let Him do so. There’s that word again and again—“choose”. In various ways and for various reasons--the words choose and choice keep coming up. Perhaps deep down within ourselves--not only on a personal level, but as a whole--all of us-- we may need to take a look at what choices have we actually been making. Things happen for a reason. This virus, that has so quickly, powerfully and harshly made its presence known, has given us great pause. It is a catalyst that has caused us to “get real” and offered the opportunity, whether we like it or not, to go within ourselves—to really ponder, search and seek solutions. We just chose to let ourselves “seek problems”, as Richard Bach said above, because we really do need their gifts. This virus, as a catalyst, certainly does appear to be one of those ways.
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