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 Prayer Healing and Message Service  Date/Time:   TBD Place: Mystic Farms (directions given if needed at time of reserving); Donation: $15 minimum (children under 12, no donation required) Facilitator: Karen David, DD and other guest workers for Spirit. Contact to attend:  Email: or Phone: 440-439-9599 Seating is limited and a commitment is needed to attend Reservations required. Here are a few of the several who had comments –present and past-- in regard to our Prayer Healing and Message services:    "The Prayer, Healing and Message services help me to regain balance in my hectic world.  When I leave the services, I feel refreshed, and it provides me with strength to endure another month of pressure and chaos."---Corinne O., North Ridgeville, Ohio   "Karen's prayer services have come to mean a great deal to me.  It is a peaceful time set apart from busy lives to offer prayers, meditations and thanksgiving for all of God's blessings.  It is also a time to bring focus on any personal and community concerns.  I always feel lighter, in many ways, after attending one of Karen's services." ---- Paula Knodel, Middleburg Heights, Ohio    "Margo, Sandy, and I so enjoyed last evening. It was so pleasant and relaxing. We weren't sure what to totally expect, but we all agreed that it was beyond our expectations. We all felt fulfilled at the end of the evening. The prayers were so filled with meaning... Thank you for the opportunity to attend. "--Jim M., Solon, OH   "We moved to Connecticut ....I do miss some of the programs you had and especially the monthly service that you held. Mystic Farms and the people there were always so welcoming… Thank you for all the healing you helped me do." --Diane B., Glastonbury, CT