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Human Beings and the Spirit World written by Karen David copyright 2020; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
Human beings pass over into the Spirit world—that invisible realm--whenever it is their time to go. If souls don’t the get chance or didn’t “clean up their act” enough while still on earth, there are “states” that are there to help purify the soul if needed of releasing previous mistakes/transgressions, for example, that are “clogging up” and gritty to the soul. For example, if in this natural world, you were to go clean a horse barn by mucking the stalls, and in the middle of that, you were called and invited to dinner--to one of the finest dinners ever imaginable. Would you show up in the barn clothes and shoes you wore to clean out the “poop” in horse stalls? Of course you wouldn’t! You would want to, really want to get clean and dress up really nice. You would be very, very happy—ecstatic—that you were specially invited to such a beautiful table. So it can be on the other side of the veil—in the invisible realms. There are states of “clean up”, if you will, that may be necessary and sometimes could be a bit unpleasant, but necessary to get really clean. Here is another example. Let's say you have a bunch of dirt on your hands, fingers and under your finger nails. You want and need to get rid of it. So, you may have to scrub a bit harder which might not be always pleasant, but necessary to get that grit out and gone. Then voila! It's all clean. You're even proud and happy such a good job was done.  In the spirit realm, sometimes souls who cross over don’t want to go to the finest banquet of the Lord. They choose not to “make clean” their way, so they choose to stay “gritty,” if you will, and/or as one might say, they could choose “down instead of up”. In essence, we are the ones who choose. We are the ones who make the decision based on our lives and choices we made on earth. The Lord God, our Creator, is the One who is total Love and Mercy in addition to being Just and Power-filled. He gave us free will coming onto this earth. He has given the same when we leave this natural world. That is why it is good to know that we, still on the earth, can help our loved ones in the spirit world. One really good way is to pray for their souls to reach and be in heaven at the finest banquet. The finest table in eternity you would be invited to—Heaven’s banquet.
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