“Each Soul’s Journey”    By Karen David     Copyright 2017 - All rights reserved      As you know, you have a physical consciousness and a spiritual consciousness. You are a soul who is experiencing the human walk.      Every person you meet and every situation you find yourself in are all meant to help you grow on the soul level in some way. Although born into the physical world, we all are, over time, meant to become less distracted by its pull upon us and our senses. One of the simplest examples regarding this is fasting. If, for example, you limit yourself or abstain for a little while from the pleasure/experience of eating food, you can begin to focus more on your spiritual awareness during that time of fasting.      In general, through each experience in life, you can gain more wisdom, maturity and hopefully, more grace along the way. You can also come to realize that no one can measure the marks in the school of the soul's journey. Each one of us is unique and has his/her own pace to keep.      Once a conscious choice is made to be aware of the path of the soul's journey and to make the effort to travel along that spiritual highway, changes start to happen. Taking the soul's journey of inner, spiritual awareness produces more riches than one can imagine before that step is taken.      One thing is for certain. There are no handouts or free rides on the spiritual path of awareness, and there are times difficult periods can be experienced. Yet from the darkness of a difficult time, also comes the dawn of the new day and in which wisdom and grace can be earned from hardships.      Like a blessing in disguise, from harsh times can emerge a positive purpose, outcome and/or realization. For example, through adversity could come the deepening of one's faith, or a strengthening of the realization that you can "get through this" and do. There are more than a few times, a difficult period can help you to realize or remember that you are not alone-- you are in God's hands and are meant to turn to the Creator for help. God is the One who makes lemonade out of the bitter lemons you could, at times, experience.      Keeping on the spiritual path, every part of your being is enhanced over time. Your spiritual essence can then shine through the physical. Also, how many times, for example, did you sense something spiritual or "evolved" by looking at or being around someone else? It was something not actually seen in that person, yet it was perceived. Or, have you ever felt your own inner spirit/soul rise, elevate by being in the presence of someone else? Continuing to sincerely grow spiritually can be perceived by others, even if you or that person may not want it to be noticed.      Ultimately, we can all come to realize or be reminded that although we have our physical consciousness and body as a vehicle, we are souls first and foremost--our spiritual consciousness. As souls, each one of us is everlasting--created by God who loves us.
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