Spirit Guides
  By Karen J. David Copyright, 2016 All rights reserved A true spirit guide does not dictate to you or would advise you to do anything that is morally or physically unethical. If a spirit guide would impress you to something that is outside your normal code of behavior, then begin to seriously question where the instructions are coming from. It is the essence of your self spiritually which determines the type of guide(s) you would attract, not necessarily from a religious or nationality background, although it could include that as well. A true spirit guide does not interfere in your life. A guide may subtly try to influence you for your own good. However, you make the choices, decisions and are responsible for your own life and for your own actions during your life. No true spirit guide will interfere with your God-given free will. Remember also that a spirit guide is not to be worshipped. God, the Father is to be worshiped and prayed to. Be discerning, and remember, pray to the Creator for a good, true spirit guide, and let God's Will Be Done.
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