The Higher We Climb
  By Karen J. David Copyright, 2016 All rights reserved If we are truly realizing the fact that we have a spiritual consciousness and a physical consciousness, then it would be easier to understand why so much more is opening up to our awareness regarding alternate reality—the spiritual world. There are books, pod casts, radio shows, television shows, DVD movies, theatre movies—all in some way or another, bringing this more and more to the foreground. As one of many examples, we have celebrity mediums who have stepped forward into widespread, public media attention. In the past, many people used to say for example, “What and who is a medium. Ooh, I’m afraid of that,” or, “I don’t know much about it”, or “What was that round small orb I saw on that photo?” Today, however, more and more are saying for example, “I know such and such is a medium,” or “Gee, I have spontaneous experiences of seeing people who have died, so am I a medium, too?” Or, I've heard people say, “Wow, I thought I saw a blue ball of spirit energy floating around when I took that photo!” Or, “Is that spirit I thought I saw my own spirit guide?” The point I’m trying to make is that less than 25 years ago, mediums for example, as well as people and topics dealing with the spiritual world including angels, near death experiences, spirit detection equipment, quantum physics etc., were much less commonly discussed or even understood at times. Before, such topics as these were put in the category of “new age”, a specialty of sorts, or discussed within religious communities, or other “particular” places akin to those like-minded in nature. Today, topics such as these are much more commonly and openly discussed-- world wide in general. The internet is obviously playing its major part. However, the higher we climb on the path of the soul’s journey and become more aware of life that exists on the other side, the more we need to take our time, and grow one step at a time in the understanding and efficiency of recognizing what is real, what is not, and know how to discern. There are quite a few people who “jump in” with superficial excitement because of a few experiences, or take the leap into areas they don’t understand, or want to know so much so fast, they end up getting psychic indigestion, if you will. That’s when it sometimes reminds me of some of the lyrics from a classic Stevie Wonder song that goes, “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer….” Taking a real leap of true faith and the interior desire to sincerely grow spiritually is one thing. Jumping headlong into a pool of invisible uncertainty for the curiosity, the ego, the adventure, while thinking one can handle it all by his/herself is another matter altogether. This is even more so, if one doesn’t know what one is doing and yet thinks he/she does. Also, watching television shows or videos may give you some idea, but reality tv shows or not, videos or not, it is still television or a video that you are watching. It is not experiencing firsthand by being in the actual setting/situation for example, and being appropriately facilitated, especially in relation to the world of spirit.
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