Butterflies and What They Can Mean
  By Karen J. David Copyright, 2016 All rights reserved It's warmer weather now. Have you seen a butterfly yet? If one flutters near you, catches your attention and seems to linger just a touch longer than usual, then pay attention. A message is what may be trying to be delivered. Maybe it’s an answer to a question you might have. Or, maybe it’s a “hello” from the other side. Most importantly, it just may be the Lord, our Beloved Creator sending a sign of sorts. What does a butterfly mean to you personally—what does it represent? Your responsibility, should you choose, is to ponder on it, figure it out. That is, if you don’t already know. If you do already know, then there may be something you need to be reminded of again in some way. In general in my case, over time, I have learned what message and/or sign is being sent to me in nature through research where appropriate, through observation, through my faith, reflection, prayer and through being still—listening to inner guidance. I have also learned how to perceive, look and understand from a few respected teachers having Native American blood whom I have known and from a few non-Indians who were trained by Native American elders. Let’s get back then to butterfly in this case. Butterflies go through metamorphosis—various stages to become butterfly. Those stages are egg, larvae (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), then emerges as the adult. What might be your message then? For example, which stage might you feel you are in or may be entering into at the time you see butterfly? Or, what stage are your thoughts and ideas? Butterfly, understood in this way, could signal you may be about to undergo a type of significant change or changes in some way. To see butterfly can evoke from within you a light and pleasant feeling in some way, or perhaps a pleasant memory. If so, what may that be telling you? For example, do you need to feel or actually be more pleasant in your life? Or, are you recognizing and thanking Creator for all the good things that are pleasing or that bring joy to you? Or have you been so serious for various reasons that you may have forgotten for the moment about the pleasant—the lighter uplifting feelings or thoughts. Notice the colors of the butterfly you see. What do those colors mean to you? In general, some people, for example, may look at the color brown and relate it to being earthy or being more stable and grounded. Others may have another meaning for the color brown. Or, let’s take the color yellow as another example. Some people may relate the color yellow to that of vitality or to feeling positive or “sunny”. What do the colors that you notice on the butterfly you see mean to you? Seeing a butterfly with all its beauty and delicate ways can also liven the spiritual senses, making you aware of something “above” this earthly world of ours. After all, butterflies fly and can hover above the ground/the earth. When you see butterfly, you may instantly sense, intuit what the signal, sign or message is. Sometimes, you may need or want to explore a bit more in depth, such as with the various examples above in order to “get” the answer or the “aha” if you will. The way(s) you choose are up to you—you’re the one butterfly came to visit. What is necessary to realize is that you don’t need to look for, scout, or scramble to find butterfly—if it’s meant, it will find you. It will just show up, if you will. If, for example, you had been asking, pondering, praying for an answer, then at some point later you see butterfly in such a way that you truly are led to take notice, you can then sense, intuit whether it is an answer for you. Too much left brain thinking, however, doesn't help. If you over-analyze, go back and forth wondering whether it is or it isn’t a sign, signal, etc., then it most probably is not at that moment in time. It just may be instead, that you were blessed with seeing a beautiful butterfly. However, when it is that moment, you stop. You are drawn to butterfly and if you truly get the sense that you are receiving a sign, answer, signal of some sort, then pay attention. What may be the message brought to you via the butterfly? After all, our Beloved Creator speaks to us in many ways—ones that we as humans can understand.
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