FAITH, A MIGHTY WORD    By: Karen David   All rights reserved This is an article that I had written, have revised and would like you to read as a reminder -- it's for all of us.  Warm wishes, Karen "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. And death shall be no more; neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away”.   - Book of Revelations, 21; 4 During this time of challenge or chaos, as many may say call it, it is also a time of wonder, and increased opportunities to go within, connect with our Creator, and develop an even greater relationship. Through the power of our faith, the serenity joy, and peace we long for rises up from within us. Faith is not external. It is internal. Do you have faith because you have seen and it is proven? Or do you have faith because it just is that way within you? One of the greatest of God’s gifts is faith. But what is faith? The word, “faith” as defined by Webster’s Dictionary means “unquestioning belief” and “complete trust, confidence, or reliance…” Who are the faithful? For example, according to Webster, some of the meanings of faithful are, “full of faith; believing; strong or firm in one’s faith, especially religious faith”…Webster also goes on to describe the meaning of faithful as “ true; exact; in conformity to the letter and spirit:…" According to the science/ study of numbers or in modern times is generally called Numerology, numbers wherever found, can give precise information as to what to expect under the circumstances. Numbers are not only used as a language of interpretation regarding birth dates, numbers and their meanings also correspond to letters of the alphabet according to the science. Having authored on the subject of number meanings, I decided to work up the word “faith”. According to the study of numbers that many believed had its beginning links with Pythagoras, born around 580 B.C. and who was considered the “father of mathematics” as well as philosopher, here is what I discovered: F A I T H * 6 1 9 2 8 = 26 (2+6)= 8 With the proper number/letter codes used according to the science/study of Numerology, you will see that through the addition, the word “faith” adds up and reduces to the number 8. The 8, by its very nature, is also the symbol for infinity. It you place the number 8 on its side; you’ll see it is that symbol. According to the science/study of numbers, 8 represents in part, a meaning similar to the words “on earth as it is in heaven” which comes from the Lord’s Prayer. The 8 represents on its spiritual level, the principle of balance between earth and the heavens. The number 8 also represents mastery of self, control and the balance between the spiritual and the material. It symbolizes power, might, strength, endurance, and 8 also represents “what you have sown, so you shall reap”. It can be described as the “Solomon of numbers” by more than some Numerologists, the example being used based on the good works, strength, and fair judgment of King Solomon. There is power in faith as the number 8 indicates this word represents. Where is your faith, how much power have you given to your faith, your belief in the Creator and yourself? Yes, these are challenging, chaotic, and changing times. These are also times of accelerated spiritual growth. And although both Light and dark forces are present, and polarity seems at its extreme at times, we do and always will have choice. Where God has given free will, God does not take that away. There are tests of faith, miracles of faith, and above all, remember one of your greatest gifts from the Creator to you is “Faith”. Strengthen it. Hold it within you, focus on it, keep the light of faith steadfast. Go within; take time to renew, to practice your faith. The best security, peace, joy and inner strength you will know, is when faith rises up from within you, and it becomes unshakable. *Scale of numbers to letters:
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