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Tidbit Trends for July, 2018 written by Karen David copyright 2018; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
General Tidbit Trends for July, 2018 (a lot going on for being general trends):  Okay, I suggest, if needed, that you get an essential oil, or a flower essence remedy that deals with impatience-- maybe even aggressive impatience. There certainly can be more than just a few people, even groups that may not like being patient. So, tension can build even more. Or, there could be a feeling of "gotta get there, gotta push" and, therefore, the feeling of being restricted or stopped at the moment may not be appreciated. In general, things aren't going to move any faster than they are meant to, so, for many,  there is no point in "hurrying to get nowhere"--for the moment. For example, picture a car stuck in the mud. Someone  is pressing hard on the gas pedal trying to make the wheels move out of the mud rut--trying hard to force it to happen. Well, the only thing that happened was a bigger rut occurs and maybe a bunch of mud ultimately getting on that person's clothes. So, again, patience can certainly bring good, positive results. Speaking of cars, for example, I'd be careful about buying a new one at this time--due to things dealing with iron and what astrologers call a mars retrograde period.  At the end of the day, so to speak, purchasing at this time could cost you more than you bargained for, and/or it may have ended up not being what you wanted.Or, for example, you could, then, be stuck in the contract. As mentioned above, due to what astrologers call a mars retrograde cycle that ends on August 27, 2018 EDT,  it has been said that the ones' who could be somewhat more affected until then- could be Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio for example. However, we all need to take a look at how we are using our energy in essence--how we are or are not expressing that in one way or another, because this can affect us all. Generally it's a good time to review, redo, research plans, and ideas first and again, trying to be patient regarding jumping into the totally new. I may be hard waiting. Next, most people already know about and/or believe how the moon can affect our moods, etc. Well, In July, 2018,there are two eclipses coming up--solar new moon eclipse on July 12 EDT and then the full moon lunar eclipse on July 27 EDT. Between the two eclipses it has been said that the signs Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and Leo for example, can be ones more affected. Again, as I've said before, we all, in some way or another, can be touched by the trends/energy of this pair of eclipses happening in July, 2018. Now, in general, eclipses can have an affect at the time of or just before the date. Also, eclipse energy, if you will, could last beyond the date as well. So, you may see some actual experiences and/or events occurring, or "seeds" of such could be, or have been already planted at that time of the eclipses. According to astrologer, Bernadette Brady, this particular above pair of eclipses could be a difficult pair, as they could represent some unfortunate news concerning friendships for example, or relationships in some way. She also states that "...although the picture may look glum...the actual results are quite positive." She, for example, indicates that you could quickly catch on to what has to be done and quick action could bring good results. So, at the end of the day so to speak, it can end up being a good thing, which works itself out for the best. Then in July, 2018, there is mercury retrograde. Most people now, via social media, are aware of Mercury retrograde--it's become a buzz word, if you will.  So, I don't think there is much I need to say about it in a general way except it's from July 26 - August 19 EDT. I do want to add, though, be aware when traveling, communicating, and if you have to sign any contracts. From the numerical trends, July, 2018 is a 7 calendar month and it is also an 18 (1+8) = 9 universal month. In addition to the above, we have this as well. It's another confirmation to be patient when others are even being extremely impatient or argumentative. Or, walk away for the moment. In my opinion, rarely does much get resolved at the moment of the outbursts anyway. In extreme, negative cases, the number 18/9 in part, represents emotional arguments at the very least. At its worst, it represents what is considered to be war-like. This could come by way of too much challenging of each other. Or, it could come by way of competition gone pretty emotional. Or, it could come by way of tense...nobody wants to budge...standoffs; the tension builds...and then, well, there you have it--a fight. Please be careful and patient with communications, so misunderstandings are reduced or solved.. Now the upside is that the 18/9, through possible challenges and compromise, more harmony, peace, and positive outcomes could occur as a result. On the higher level, the 18/9 represents universal and humanitarian understanding in a good way. The 9 itself in part, represents "let go and let God". The 9 also means the helmet and the dove.  What will your choice be?
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