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Tidbit Trends for May, 2019 written by Karen David copyright 2019; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
General Tidbit Trends  Okay, so it feels pretty “heavy” out there, so to speak. I’m sure you’re feeling it, one way or another. It’s an important time. Without going into aspects or trends specifically, I’m just going to say that since even April, 2019 and through at least around the 3rd week of May, 2019, please look back during April and please pay attention now, too. There is “karma” in the air, as they say—whether it has been subtle or not. Now whether you believe in karma or not, the truth is, we all may be dealing with something that may have been ongoing in some way, or something that appears to be “lingering,” or may be repeating itself in some way. Areas affected, for example, can include reputation, one’s job/career, or people and things that have been with you for a longer while. People from the past may have already, or could show up again in some way. For more than a few, this can be very good news in more ways than one, and/or a healing of sorts can take place, if one is needed. Or, it can show that the past is the past and it's truly time to let go--the situation has changed. During this time in general, there can be much reflection-- serious reflection-- on the past and present and how to help “fix” things, or let them go and move forward down the road. Dig deep as to what is really worth fixing before moving on, or who those people are that are really worth having in your life and try to mend any fences that may have broken from your past. If one should slack off on this very important process just mentioned, there could be regret for not having done it. For example, really ponder such things as were your actions or behavior really the problem or not in relation to another. Or, are you truly happy in your heart  that you reconnected with someone from your past? Is that person really happy, too, or are they there for another reason you're not so sure is a good thing? Is the habit(s) or attitude you have serving you in a good way or not? Is your job/career serving what you need and are you serving what the job/career needs or not?  Gut-level honesty in your own heart is important now. On the other hand, there can be those who close doors for good because the “karma”, as they say, is complete. So, if something is truly finished then doors close, a letting go happens and a movement forward on whatever level can take place at some point --although it might not be right at the moment in May. In essence, if it’s meant to be, it will be. If it’s not meant to be, then that can become known and most probably, not too far down the road. Whichever way it is--meant to be or not--could, for more than some, come as a surprise in some way. Stay positive and know that for more than just some of you that are currently in a struggling situation, there is hope, and a positive outcome-- even if one can’t see that at the moment. Remember, the Eternal One sees everything and is the One who makes lemonade out of lemons. Pray, talk, ask for His help. The above "tidbit trends" are general. For more specifics as it may relate to you, please book an individualized, personal session. Contact at 440-439-9599 and leave a message with your name and phone number(s), or email with subject line saying "session". Calling and leaving a phone (voicemail) message will give a faster response.
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