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Tidbit Trends & More for March, 2018 written by Karen David copyright 2018; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
 March is the 3rd calendar month and also a 5 universal month. In general, have you found many more than just a few people, for example,  driving the way they want to, not necessarily following the “rules”? Or they could be driving unexpectedly slow (what?!) or unexpectedly fast (uh-oh!)? Generally, when it concerns travel of any kind you most probably have had to already expect the unexpected (for example, surprising storm(s) that effected traffic). Expecting the unexpected in various ways can continue through the entire month. Try to make sure communications and agendas are clear and take your time traveling—more than some of you may need or want to, repair or do maintenance work on your vehicles.  It’s not just because most of you may know already that Mercury is going retrograde March 23 - April 15th EDT, but the 5 universal month adds some of that “flavoring” to this month as well. For some of you, try to be more aware regarding the above during the last week of March. The last two weeks of March have a “layer” of things that can deal with a coming to realizations and a crystallization of sorts. This could be in relation to some things or situations you had thought about before and not able to make up your mind, or a project, for example, put on a back shelf. Well, now, for more than some of you, whatever it is may be coming back around—again. In some ways this could happen in a surprising or even shocking way—that  “Aha”, or “I get it” moment. During the last two weeks of this month of March, there may a renewing, re-opening, or just plain wanting to get projects or plans finished and over and done with in some way. For some this can be a really pleasant experience. For some others—well, maybe not so much. If you haven’t done it, or haven’t had the chance in a while, it can be a really good time to “go back to” expressing your faith in God in some way. Maybe it’s talking and praying more to God. Maybe it means being in places that remind you of the wonder and magnificence of the Creator.  Maybe it’s a church you visit that you consider really beautiful.  Maybe it’s a photo or a painting that reminds your senses of the awe and majesty of the Creator’s masterful tapestries of color in nature. Maybe it is a short, safe walk or ride in nature. Maybe it’s the wonder of a new baby born. Or, maybe, it’s the heartfelt experience of a group of people sharing their love and support that you’re involved with in some way, and you feel really touched by the experience.  Spring and Easter (without having to express anything in a trend) can bring with it a time of renewal of the senses and of the soul/spirit within you. So, whatever it is, it can certainly be a good time to renew and re-express your communications with the Lord.
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