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Tidbit Trends for October, 2018 written by Karen David copyright 2018; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
General Tidbit Trends You're already experiencing it--scattered extreme energies and vocal/expressive to the point of extreme. Generally speaking, I suggest we try to control all the senses...including our words. Up to this point, many seem to have trouble doing that.. Controlling the senses doesn't mean "don't enjoy," because joy in a good, positive way is what can help one heal. There can be many joyful, and deeply shared moments this month.  However, if we come off with a "gimme, gimme," attitude or “I want this or that” and become self-absorbed, well, then definite serious problems or sudden endings, could occur in a month like this. Most have a chance to experience a slower period (if we let it) where there is time to re-examine, re-evaluate, and review, most things related to relationships, money, desires, and what we value. For example, how do you like personally what you're doing professionally? Or, how are you doing personally with relationships in your life? In general, what we do like or don't, may need improvement and or change in some way down the road. For more than just a few, people and experiences from the past that were once enjoyed or cared for could re-appear. Whether it/they become long-lasting, depends. I"m going to suggest that during the 2nd and 3rd week of October a little rest and "recoup" and reflection would be a good thing to do, as more than a few may be looking at just that anyway, due to the desire or real need to in some way. More than some may seem confused, or undecided as to a direction to take. If so, then toward the end of the month the perspective, through the reflection, even observation, counseling, and/or review can help crystallize things a bit more realistically so that in the nearer future, you could then make better decisions. Patience is tested this month, that's for sure.  If you "jump" too quickly, you could be sorry. In a month like this, when it comes to luxury, beauty, and anything related to it--if it's new and something you haven't bought or done before, the suggestion is wait. For example, some may want to improve appearance by doing something new, radical, or totally different---whether it be in clothing, purchases in general, or cosmetic pursuits.  I suggest you don't do anything like that, particularly in cosmetic pursuits, for example--it is not the "time" if you will. However, if you choose to anyway, you could be sorry you did. Most everyone understands about full moons in general and how they can seem to effect people from an emotional perspective. Well, during this full moon, I wouldn't be surprised if at times more than some could experience--either from themselves or others--extreme stubbornness, especially this month in October. There could be more than just some who are concerned with or realize something concerning their values, their material security, and/or regarding completing plans and projects. It is a really nice time for appreciation of the earth/nature. Appreciate it whether outdoors or indoors, whether it's raining, snowing, or sunny as could be. There is earthly beauty that Creator gave to us that is all around us. The above "tidbit trends" are general. For more specifics as it may relate to you, please book an individualized, personal session. Contact at 440-439-9599 and leave a message with your name and phone number(s), or email with subject line saying "session". Calling and leaving a phone (voicemail) message will give a faster response.
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