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Tidbit Trends & More for May, 2018 written by Karen David copyright 2018; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
In this month of May, 2018 what I’d like to discuss is the “buzz” regarding what astrologers are talking about in relation to the planet Uranus. It is, as they say, changing signs and, they would say it’s important because this planet takes about 7-8 years to change signs. So, here it is, after about that length of time, this planet is changing signs—again and touching in to let us know, so to speak, on May 15th,  EDT. What does that mean? Simply said and in part, an astrologer would tell you that Uranus, as a planet, represents the “Great Awakener”. The above meaning also relates to the number 11. This year, 2018, we are in an 11 universal year according to the study of numbers—(2+0+1+8) = 11. At its highest and best as a Master number, the 11 itself also represents the" Awakener" and relates, in part to just that “touch” of genius in some way or another, as well sudden inspiration and illumination—like a light bulb going on, if you will,  that lights up a dark room. It represents in part, arbitration and mediating—trying to bring “opposites” in a way, into harmony/balance/compromise. In part, the 11 in general also represents ideologies/values, emotional balance—having it or lacking it; equilibrium and balance between the feminine and the masculine within all of us; relationships--personal, business and spiritual; areas/concerns regarding women; spiritual inspiration and more. On the downside, it can represent  an “emotional mess” or at the very least, pretty intense struggles regarding the above—maybe in one area or more-- particularly if one is being too emotional rather than being objective. Also there can be imbalances of various kinds, that seesaw up and down trying to gain stability—the whole equilibrium if you will, can seem or actually could be unstable, at least at the time. The meanings are “right on” if you will, because look at what appears to be happening out there in the world.  So, if it’s happening out there, it can certainly happen in your own personal “world/reality”, too. There certainly can be underlying restlessness that many could be feeling. in general, I suggest really trying to be patient and objective, rather than too “charged up” and really emotionally impulsive at this time. You may not know what is happening yet, or just can't see it or experience yet on the surface. You might even sense a quiet stillness just before, as they say, or you could feel as if nothing is going on at all. Yet, for many of us, beneath that surface, there can be lots of bubbling, and movement waiting to emerge or burst forth-- depending on how it's handled. There are more, but in part, a few of the areas that could be affected are habits, finances and earth's resources.  Well, if any of these for example,  need to be changed, then some type of shake-up idea, experience or event could occur to ultimately help provide the circumstances to make things better. Even though that shake-up,  may or may not be pleasant at first, a really good, new outlook and attitude, or fresh, and/or more fertile growth could be presented in some way down the road. That’s the good news about the above in general. “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”----Victor Hugo. Then, at the end of the day, so to speak, “Change in all things is sweet.’”—Aristotle.
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