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Tidbit Trends for May, 2020 written by Karen David copyright 2020; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
Some General Tidbit Trends for May, 2020  Whatever it is you wish to do, have, or experience, remember to ask yourself a couple of questions first. Those are:  "What am I thinking?" and/or "What am I doing?" Many people are talking about having to navigate through this and that and everything else it seems, at the moment. So, knowing how to navigate, research, wade your way through this month without being impulsive is a good thing to do. This particular month of May can also bring those inner whisperings, thoughts, and ideas about "a dream come true" out in the open in some way. Be happy about it, but make sure that everything is right, in place, and really what you want and will accept. For example, your dream job showed up, but it's a cut in pay. Well, that's okay--if you can accept the cut in pay and it really doesn't make a difference at all because it's your dream job, and you're sure about that. So, before you act--ask. Ask yourself the above two questions. It's better to ask yourself now, than getting into the situation, role, experience and then later, maybe even months from now, for example, saying, "What was I thinking?!" Or, "What was I doing?!" It would be because you didn't like what you had gotten yourself into but didn't see it, because it seemed to look so smooth and gliding and wonderfully good in the month of May. See what I mean? In May, don't be surprised if previous issues not dealt with before, could re-appear. People or even pets from the past for example, could, "out of the blue", be thought about again or re-appear again in some way or another. Surprising? Maybe. Needed? Probably. Why? To get it all figured out which, by the way, could also include part of a "dream come true" or for being resolved in some way. May, 2020 is a 5 calendar month and in the actual study of numbers considered a 9 universal month.  Anything goes in essence, and it's anything but "stable". Also, if you think there's too much information coming out now, wait--more is on the way. It may even feel like information overload in some ways. Many more mixed opinions could be occurring, too. Keep in mind it's "up in the air". Imagine, for example, that papers and words of information being thrown up in the air and they float. Then these papers and words of information come wavering in the wind, back down to the ground where they land, can be sorted out and then decided upon. So, try not to get mixed up with all the "up in the air" stuff. Let things settle a bit if possible. In May, whatever is meant to re-emerge, or complete itself in some way, could happen quickly or finally come out into the open to be dealt with in some way. Even if the energy inside you wants to push forward impulsively, try to be patient even if stalls or delays occur in some way. Try to calm frustration, especially now. Many have said "These are uncertain times". I've also heard people say, "These are crazy times."  Again, it's validation for what is happening which various trends in general are describing. Most of us, as we know, are not used to this kind of unprecedented upheaval in our lives. I and you can see happening out there already, a type of  "rebellion" in its own way--some of which are extreme differences of opinion in relation to freedom and how to achieve that and balance the economy. Trends indicate that, too. Let's take a look at a bird, for example, any bird. It has wings. Those wings give the bird the power and freedom to fly. If you look closely at those wings, you'll see they have a structure and order to them--feather upon feather, bone upon bone perfectly ordered in its way. The beloved Creator did that and this is what gives the bird the "freedom to fly"-- in a balanced way. Otherwise, if something happens to those structured wings--down the bird goes. That bird then, is grounded and just flappin' around. So, what am I trying to say?  Freedom comes with a structure in its way --a responsibility for having that freedom. In May, 2020, we don't want to become like a loose wire off a telephone pole either--communication hot-wired, impulsive and flailing all over the place. That's how we can get hurt. We want to stay connected, just like proper wires to a proper telephone pole--smooth energy, smooth communication. The problem is, it could be tough this month of May in trying to achieve smooth communication consistently. More than a few people are up for an impulsive battle. Fight or flight--fear or faith--it's an ongoing 'test" it would appear--in whatever way that is appearing for each of us as individuals and as a collective whole. In general, one of the most "electric", if you will, magnetic, communicative and extremely flexible (or unstable) combinations of numbers is the 5 and 9 combination. In part, it is exciting, magnetic, sudden and  surprising, whether in delays, or coming full circle, or in dealing with groups. On the downside, in part, this combination can also represent the explosive in some way whether through argument, for example, or in other ways. The combination also symbolizes in part, freedom and the "fight for the underdog" and represents levels of law and justice, whether positive or negative. As mentioned above, May, 2020 is a 5 calendar month and is considered a 9 universal month according to the actual study of numbers and their meanings. As for Covid-19, it looks as if it's still with us in May. I hope I'm wrong about this, but, unless there is something of a miracle of an opportunity which could occur in some way before or around August, 2020 to wipe out the virus, then it can certainly still be here with having to watch for another possible wave in the late fall or shortly after. So, even though things could look pretty good in late May, June, etc. where the virus may look weak or going away, don't be too sure and think you can slack off. Continue to stay healthy and practice "best practices". We'll get through this--we will--with God's grace and help. Mary, the Blessed Virgin, for example, is depicted with her foot on the head of a snake. In this case, the snake symbolizes  evil. She is an important go-between regarding this world and heaven in many different ways for us--for all of us--no matter what faith or culture you follow. Mary, the Blessed Mother, loves all people, not just Catholics, for example. She's for everyone. Ask her--continue to pray for help. The above "tidbit trends" are general. For more specifics as it may relate to you, please book an individualized, personal session. Contact at 440-439-9599 and leave a message with your name and phone number(s), or email with subject line saying "session". 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