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Tidbit Trends for October, 2020 written by Karen David copyright 2020; all rights reserved Permission needed from author only to use elsewhere
Tidbit Trend to Read for October, 2020 Talk about unexpected? Well, that’s part of the trend for October. For example, “out of the blue”, you hear news of the President and the First Lady, testing positive for Covid-19. That news hit right at the 2nd day of October. We’ve got the whole rest of the month yet for other unexpected and/or sudden happenings in general, in various ways. October is the 10th calendar month and is considered by the actual study of numbers to be a 5 universal month. So, weaving in and out of October’s trends of service, family, home, our domestic responsibilities-- whether in the home, surrounding community, or country-- runs a trend of instability, change, and unexpected news or sudden surprises. I don’t suggest anyone become too sure of anything—yet. In other words, I wouldn’t suggest complacency, meaning that one “takes for granted” what they have—whether in personal or work relationships, for example, material resources, or even in domestic home life. This is a month where, as soon as you think it’s one way, it could take a “twist” and become something else. Now, this doesn’t mean that’s bad. What it means is, if you’re meant to have “a change around”, then this is a time where more than some could certainly become aware that a change may be needed in some way - if not now, then in the nearer future. For more than some, going back and forth on what to do may not be needed. The answer could fall into place in a spontaneous and sudden way. In general, what to do or, think about doing, could also occur from something done or something someone said that was not expected. What a surprise that was, huh? Now with all this comes, as some of you may already know,—mercury retrograde—which officially begins on October 14 to November 3. This particular trend, can be “deep” in the sense of meaningful. More than some could have some meaningful conversations—especially those talks that some people may have been meaning to say but didn’t already. So, don't be surprised if "digging up" important issues occurs. Those kinds of “I should have said this but didn’t” type of talks could also come up during this time. Just try to make sure you don’t miscommunicate what you’re trying to say. In addition, try to use this time for positive transformations and deeper understanding instead of just trying to be contrary, angry, or just plain refusing to see eye-to-eye, as they say. Try to address opposing viewpoints in a healthy, respectful way. Otherwise, many could be feeling exhausted from experiencing or seeing what continued anger or frustration can do. Generally, the suggestion is to stay flexible. Also with the above as well as other trends I didn’t mention here, it's a loaded month, if you will. Please be careful when driving or operating moving type vehicles—bikes included and/or concerning wheels themselves, or something round like a wheel that turns. For those who do digging type of work in construction, for example, I suggest you be patient and be aware of your surroundings. Also, if one is working with animals, for example, like riding horses, I suggest one doesn’t try to do anything “risky” or too adventurous, if you will, during this time.  In general, more than some people’s minds aren’t on what they should be, and may not be focused or paying attention and could be moving a bit too fast, or too built up with energy, or frustrated, and/or a bit more accident prone during this period. Also, does the "tension" on the political front, for example, ease? Not the way it could. Try to give acknowledgment and a show of appreciation to those who care about you. What could be one of the themes, for example, for October? It could very well be, "freedom through responsibility". As always, continue to pray--prayer as you know, is power-filled. The above "tidbit trends" are general. For more specifics as it may relate to you, please book an individualized, personal session. Contact at 440-439-9599 and leave a message with your name and phone number(s), or email with subject line saying "session". Calling and leaving a phone (voicemail) message will give a faster response.
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