More Than Just a Horse
  By Karen J. David Copyright 2016, All rights reserved Horses are and have held a very special place in my heart. They bring me joy and a sense of peacefulness. In general, a horse showed me what it means to have and use balance, power, and stamina in an appropriate way, and showed me what it was like when I didn’t. Horse also calls me to understand freedom. To me, horse is much more than just a horse.       I was continually shown through the horse and its manner and actions what it means to be truly free in a responsible way and manner. Horse expresses freedom in a way that is in harmony with itself, the earth and those around it. Horse shows that there is responsibility in having freedom.              Different cultures have various meanings for horse. When you see this beautiful, strong creature racing across a rolling meadow of green, it can be truly breathtaking to watch this amazing four legged with its hooves sounding like rolling thunder, and its well muscled body reaching for more distance—more ground.      You can also watch a horse pace itself with a gait that makes the horse seem as if it is gliding across a pasture. The horse’s tail is arched and flowing, and its long, full mane is blowing in the wind. The horse is not restrained by bridle or saddle.  It then becomes a vision, a reminder of freedom. You watch as horse moves effortlessly with its natural rhythm.      If you’ve ever had the opportunity to actually ride a horse, it is an experience you rarely forget. Whether you have raced across a meadow, walked around a barn entrance, or trotted through a trail of trees, you have experienced a personal, closer relationship between you and horse. You have made contact with that animal, not only in body, but in personality, mind, and spirit. You are touching in with that particular animal’s essence.      Various cultures have described what horse symbolizes—what it means. For example, in part, horse represents balance and power.  Horse played a very important role in native cultures. In essence, through the relationship between horse and humans, civilizations grew, because horse let humans ride upon its back and travel long distances. It is believed that horse was the first animal medicine of civilization, according to Jamie Sams of Iroquois and Choctow descent, and David Carson of Choctow descent.      A horse can symbolize the mystical, such as in regard to the Unicorn or Pegasus. Yet, horse can also be respected and admired in our everyday world with such stories as in the movies “National Velvet”, “The Black Stallion” or “Secretariat”—all of which held significant meanings, each in its own way.       Horse has many meanings of importance. So, the next you time you take real notice of a horse, as it touches in with you in some way along your spiritual journey, pay attention. God, our Creator just may be trying to tell you something you need to know in some way via horse and its meanings. 
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