Rowing Through Retrogrades
  Retrograde this, retrograde that. I'm talking about certain planets being retrograde--which astrologers talk about. What is a retrograde? It's more of a complicated and lengthy explanation than this, but in part and simply put, when a planet goes retrograde, that planet's overall meaning for example, goes from being outward to inward, if you will. So, the inward meanings involve introverted, introspective, subtle, etc. It can also represent being complicated or even intense at times. There are more than one or two of these planetary retrogrades off and on happening from now through at least mid fall season, 2020 at varying times. This means--there's a bit of a pile up, if you will, of retrogrades at varying times. Row your "boat" safely through this sometimes delayed or stalled, then relaxing, then struggling and intense, then curvy, sometimes rocky, flow. In general, row through the potential complicated flow carefully and more slowly than normal. Appreciate where you are at the moment--try not to hurry to get somewhere. Learn and linger (linger meaning try not to be impulsive, hasty). Be flexible and re-think when necessary. Rather than telling you about the planetary energies that astrologers talk about, I'm just going to say these below are some of the areas that could be of issue, or the cause-- or-- the reason for the pause for deeper reflection, re-evaluation, or a repeat performance in some way: a) values, finances, personal relationships; b) responsibilities and a discernment of such in addition to as they say, "karma" or, is it meant to be or not; c) Communications, travel, words and their effect in some way on you and others; d) Opportunities, philosophy, faith, reward, confusion or doubt; e) the illusion from the reality, deception vs. truth, spirituality, clarity or confusion; f) transformation, destructive tendencies or habits, rebirth, reconstruction, power or control. Off and on, you could be visiting or re-visiting any one or some of the above themes in some little or big way--whether for good--or--not so much.  So, in general, get used to rowing through the flow carefully. Try to stay in balance during this late spring and thru mid-fall season. I know, though, there may be more than just some people who might want to "let loose" or go to extreme for whatever reason. However, be aware. It's very interesting to me that due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and with these retrogrades that astrologers are talking about that once again, it brings us back to a deeper reflection, re-evaluation, a slowing down in some way, if you will, in order to have the opportunity of "correcting". I do believe that Creator is allowing a "correction", if you will, in some way both on the collective and for each of us personally. Will we take the opportunity to recognize it, change what is not good, or renew and refresh--lift up what is good, true and right? We all have experienced, each in our own ways, a monastic type of existence for a period of time. In more than some ways, therefore, we can sense, see and know, that this type of monastic existence on some level(s) is still going on.  There's a very important reason for all of this. There truly is. The reason is above and beyond just the things of this world, that's for sure.  
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