Fellow Travelers on the Path--Our Pilgrimage Into a Sacred Seclusion
  Words, phrases, sentences such as anxiety, karma, wounds, pandemic, or "we'll get through this" are just a few. Also included are "my money is going downhill--fast" or " I need a break for a minute from everyone being at home all at once", or "I'm getting stir crazy from staying at home".      What may be felt or heard the most by so many individuals is "I'm just plain afraid." This Covid-19 pandemic's influence has forced a pilgrimage of seclusion--in essence, having to stay at home.      We've been through things like this before years and years ago (e.g.  Spanish Flu-1918) and even before that. We've been through terrible wars in the past, too, where forced seclusion for one reason or another also occurred. It happened even way farther back when, for example, early Christians in crisis, hid in seclusion in the catacombs.      It keeps happening--from then to now--pilgrimages into seclusion. "Why?" I keep asking myself. I ask the Lord too, because He loves me and you--all of us. So, why shouldn't I ask questions to try and understand it more fully. He answers us, right? What did I hear at the moment? Silence. Okay, so maybe the phones were real busy up there. I guess I just had to wait.      Yet, I sense an interior calm and then an interior tug that seems to imply-- "Be still".     The outer world right now is chaotic, unstable with such struggles and loss due to COVID-19, but the inner stirrings to "be still" and experience calm are calling. Then to me, anyway, it means only one thing. That is, to once again recognize and keep learning to remember that the things of the world are not as important as my spirit/soul.     The word "monk", for example can traditionally call to mind a religious person in seclusion, in a monastery, etc. I feel, though, that all of us as fellow travelers on the path, have been given an invitation through this crisis, to spend some time in monk-like interior seclusion. It's part of the pilgrimage--a major, big internal pause to be taken now.      There sure is a lot of being busy in so many different ways in the outer, natural world. It certainly is a changing world, too--with even more technology and our need of its use in order to connect with others.      I just wonder, though. What really, truly matters? To most people, is it the outer, natural world self, or the interior spirit/soul?      Every living creature on this earth one day leaves it. There's no escaping that part of the journey.      You and I for example, certainly can't pack up cell phones, computers and laptops or anything material and cart it over to the other side whenever it is our time to go. So, what can we actually have and take to the other side of life whenever it is our time to go-- into the invisible worlds and to heaven?      I can understand and see why our pilgrimage of pause into sacred seclusion is important for my own life's journey. I hope you have the opportunity to understand and see it for your life's journey, too.  
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