Sage and Smudging  (Some Important Points to Remember)
By Karen J. David Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved This is something to know for those who have heard of and/or use actual sage for cleansing/neutralizing. It's called "smudging." I have spoken quite a bit about the benefits of smudging with actual sage itself (the smoke from sage to clear/neutralize). There are even more benefits to the use of sage. I've also shared scientific research about it as well, and to make it clear, the type of sage used I'm talking about is not the type of sage used as a spice for cooking. My understanding and use of sage comes authentically from being shown by some Native American teachers who conducted ceremonies...So, when I say to you that I'm speaking authentically from their perspective about this, I am. Out there in the general public, in social media for example, there are more than a few people who say that with actual sage (loose leaf or a smudge stick of sage), that it doesn't matter what you place the sage in. According to the way I was shown, it does matter. I was shown not to put sage in metal, aluminum, things like that. Some won't use glass either. I was shown to use an abalone shell. If you're in doubt as to what to use, abalone shell is the best choice. For obvious reasons, one must always be aware of how you are lighting the sage and be careful when burning actual sage that you don't burn yourself, others, or anything else should the flame rise before it burns out which is when the sage starts to smoke. Be discerning-- it doesn't take much for it to smoke if it is meant to. Overall, please do not leave this unattended either while the sage burns and/or smokes.  As you know, practice safety. Please make sure the sage is not burning anymore at all when you're done and desiring to put the items away. Sage is considered sacred and Creator gave that to us--it gives of itself for its cleansing/neutralizing properties and more.  We, therefore, need to respect it.  Are your own intentions done in a respectful, appreciative manner, or not?  Please check your intentions-- always.
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