THE GOOD SIGNS AND SYMBOLS IN NATURE    By: Karen David   All rights reserved There is a visible and there is an invisible side to life. We live in this reality, this world and there is life on the other side as well. There is recognition of that more and more with such programs as John Edward's "Crossing Over", to help continue with our growth in awareness and knowledge. Yet it is truly surprising to me that many do not recognize the invisible side of life present right in nature. Also, we sometimes forget that the Creator can speak to us in many ways to help us along our path. One of those ways is in nature. As an example, let's say that you are perplexed by a problem that doesn't seem at the present moment to present an answer. So, you become a bit frustrated and decide to take a walk in nature. While walking along, you are suddenly made aware of something in nature. It literally draws your attention. You look at it. You may mentally remark to yourself something about it. Then you move on. However, if you are not aware that possibly you were receiving an answer to your question, you may have passed it right up and still remained frustrated, wondering why you weren't given a solution. The truth is you probably did receive an answer from the good sign and symbol of its meaning, but you didn't recognize it. Of course, everything you see is not necessarily a message or a good sign or an answer. Your intuition tells you what is and what isn't. By listening from within and by learning to look with different eyes, Nature itself can provide you with answers, because the Creator sends messages to you from our brothers and sisters in Nature. For example, do you know what a crow represents? According to Native American philosophy, crow has been referred to as "little black eagle" and can represent truth. "Crows caw the truth". It has also been said that crow feathers cover and protect sacred books. Crow is also a messenger of sorts. These are a few good signs and meanings to a winged one such as crow in represented in the Natural World. Also, pay attention to colors for example, when something jumps out at you or draws you to it. Learn meaning of colors for something may be contained in the answer with that as well. Pay attention to what it is that drew you. Was it soft looking or hard? Was it high up on a cliff, or laying silently and softly on Mother Earth herself? Here is another example. Let's say you're having a problem with two situations, or you're in a relationship that isn't going well. You're upset about it and may not know the future of it for you. You take a walk in nature. You say a prayer for help. Then lo and behold you spot or are drawn to two rocks sitting very close together and right in between them is growing one, single beautiful wildflower. Suddenly you have a feeling a peace. Perhaps you received your answer. And that may have been that through adversity, a flower of positive outcome will result, whether you stay in the situation or not. Do you see now what I mean? Be aware and thank the Creator everyday for all the wonderful help you have in Nature. I wish you peace in your hearts and that you continue to remember to get to know more and respect Mother Earth and all her relations.
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