Brief Look at What are Numbers
  By Karen J. David Copyright, 2016 All rights reserved A link to the study/science of Numerology has been given to the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who was born around 580 B.C. He is referred to as the "father of mathematics" . It has been said that many have referred to him as a metaphysician as well. It has been said that Pythagoras believed that numbers and figures are not the same. Figures measure quantity for example, numbers are principles. So, numbers are both figures and are also principles of real existence. As an example, the number 1 as a principle represents the beginning, the initiation. It is self-individualizing, it can be leadership oriented as well. The number 3 for example, represents imagination, the creative principle and more. Numbers have meanings. Those meanings can describe, for example, personality traits. Number meanings/principles can and do coincide with events that happen in a person's life--consistently coincide. You can look to numbers and their meanings as tools of awareness to help you on your journey.
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