Your Economic Picture  By Karen David      Permission to share with friends; for website use, needed directly from author at For many people there are times of concern, worry, in some cases, panic regarding the situation of finances. There is something either hard to understand, or to remember at those times when struggles concerning money hit you broad side. It is then that it’s hard to stay calm, centered, let alone optimistic. However, either to understand or remember is important. That is, that those dollar bills and coins you have in your purse, wallet, savings, or rolled up and stashed somewhere in the house are made up of energy. That’s right! Money is all energy that vibrates to a level that takes shape and form so you see it as a dollar bill or a coin. It has to in this our “natural” world. It’s how things work here—at least at the moment anyway. Who knows how much less solid, possibly, a bit more “see through”, if you will, things can become for the future. Anyway, dollar bills and coins for example, were created from the mind as an idea and took shape through creation, so it can be seen, held and exchanged. If that be the case, and it is, then we can attract it. We can repel it. We certainly do not have to be so attached to it to the point we cannot seem to function at all without it! Why? Again, it is, underneath it all, energy. Energy does not die, it merely can take a different shape or form. So what is the worry, the great need, the feeling as if one cannot be whole or survive without money? My opinion is because in part, you may have forgotten or can’t understand how it works—how you can help attract or repel energy. It can be difficult to believe that money is energy! Because you may have made money so real in your consciousness, so crystallized or boulder like, your own personal reality, your personal world, may be blocked from the energy of attracting it. If that is so, then how can you be free enough to flow (as you are energy yourself) with the energy of attracting abundance? It would be for example, like two lines of energy that cannot seem to merge or blend because one is flowing smoothly and the other is whipping around like a loose wire instead of being streamlined. Or, it would be like a geyser of water gushing out from the middle of a steady waterfall. That may look really wondrous, but is it all flowing in the same direction? Believe me, I can go through struggles myself in the process of understanding, remembering, and practicing “the flow”. Worry does get in the way. I’m sure you know so do self worth issues, or belief(s) you may have been told for example, like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, which implies lack. Again, these words, patterns of words, etc., are also energy and the programming of it into your own mind. With practice, the energy of words of unhealthy belief(s), patterning, etc., can be shifted and changed to the energy of faith and healthy belief and patterning. By doing so, energy flows smoother. If it flows smoother, you can better attract, with continued practice, more financial ease. You can, after a time, begin to feel more adept at attracting financial income when needed. What is also important to remember is that God, our Creator, wants you to be abundant and happy. You were not created by God to live in suffering and misery. So much more knowledge has come through regarding who you are in the Creator’s eyes, how you are connected to all life everywhere, and much more information now than ever before about how energy works. You are now more aware that you are not just body and mind. You are a spirit as well. You hear so much more now about your mind, body, spirit connection. Also, much is being read, tested, and shown to you regarding energy. For example, there are quantum physics studies, energy healings, how the use of the energy of the words of very sincere prayers to God brings healing. If you have not seen the wonderful movie called Patch Adams, which is based on a true story, I suggest you get the DVD and watch it. Robin Williams plays the main character, Patch Adams. You will see a scene in there where a man who is a genius, and of whom others think he is crazy, demonstrates energy. He does it by holding up his hand and showing Patch Adams his fingers. Then he asks Patch, “How many fingers do you see?” I won’t tell you what happens from there. I suggest you see the movie. There is energy concerning other forms, not just your own physical body. To me, that includes those dollar bills and coins you hold in your hands too! I’m hoping that by sharing this, you either realize or be reminded of the energy of money, and that money doesn’t need to control you or worry you as much, or at all. By clearing unhealthy energy patterns, then believing, having faith and practicing, you can shift the energy to attract the financial assistance you need when you need it. Please remember, God is with you every step of the way, sending that energy of financial assistance and abundance your way when you need it. Your part is to get in the flow and recognize, be a part of the synchronicity of it all. It does take practice, especially when those times come that you keep hearing "news" around you that implies lack. Just keep remembering, clearing, and practicing. You have a choice as to how you wish to handle your money. Do you want to attract it? Or do you want to push it away? It’s up to you. I certainly hope you decide to do what it takes in a positive way to energetically attract it. After all, money is only energy. I wish you abundance.
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